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60+ Ideas Family Fun Photography You Can do at Home

Currently, most countries are doing lockdowns for their country because of Coronavirus or Covid-19, this makes you who have a small child in boredom because they have to stay at home for several weeks.

Here are some fun activities, some ordinary and some unusual, to enjoy time with your family. You might have done some of this and you can try what you don’t!

1. Homework

Even though this might seem more like a job, believe me, if you do it together with the right spirit, it will be fun!

>> Painting – Paint a children’s room or garden fence. Children running around in their paint-filled canals … that must be the ‘Kodak’ moment!

>> Gardening – Plant new roses or care for existing flowers. Let your children plant their own seeds. As their plants grow, watch their faces light up.

>> Cooking – Make your children’s head chefs and help them cook food for you all. Extra cookies for them if the food turns out delicious! Dear father can also cook, if he wants, or if you encourage him too 🙂

>> Arranging Photos – A collection of photos that are stacked in no particular order … No Siree .. these memories need more respect. Gather, arrange them, laugh at the old ones and put them in an album. Sure, you have a lot on your computer too. After all, this is the digital age. But nothing beats a good photo album, right?

2. Building Together

Building something as a family is fun and gives you a sense of accomplishment as a team. Whether it’s a school project, an airplane model, a living room decoration or a family jigsaw puzzle, do it together and see how much fun you have. Reward your family with ice cream when they successfully finish what started.

3. Reading time

Have a family reading session, at least. You can gather together to read stories or general things. Choose a different theme – entertainment, religion, spiritual or education. Try to keep it interesting otherwise, kids won’t stay 🙂

4. Watch Movies

Watch movies on TV together. You can have a small home theater performance with a comfortable pillow and a large bowl of popcorn. It’s fun to watch old movies together too: weddings, birthdays, baby’s first steps, snoring grandparents and the like 🙂

5. Exercise

Exercise as a family. This will make exercise fun. Yoga, aerobics, jogging or swimming, whatever you can do and enjoy together, do it. You can all lead the exercise routine, alternately, so that everyone stays involved.

6. Gossip

Gather and gossip! Nothing means, you know, just fun things about your relatives, neighbors or friends. There’s nothing like relaxing with a cup of coffee/tea or milk (for kids, I mean) and talking about other people 🙂

7. Exciting Photography

Who says the camera can come out of the case only on special occasions and when you come out? Every day can be a ‘snap’ day. Take pictures of each other in jazzy costumes, pose positively and do silly things. Did father dress like Mother? Mother dressed like Dad? Well, why not? 🙂 Fun to shoot and fun to watch!

Here are 60+ Ideas Family Fun Photography You Can do at Home.
We hope you have fun with this!

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