47 Chic Ideas How To Decor Your Piano
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47 Chic Ideas How to Decor Your Piano

Everybody who plays an instrument knows how important it is to be comfortable in the space where you are playing your music. Whether you are playing outside in the park, in your local school auditorium, or if you are playing in your very own music room at home, it is very important to be sure that you are comfortable playing there. Sometimes the decor in a music room is dependent upon the lighting. Piano light effects are always really helpful when setting the mood for a music room and a grand piano lamp may be the final piece of decor that could finish your room.

Wherever you have decided to play your music needs to be a place that not only fits your style but also your music. If your music is bold and loud, you should decorate your music room to be bold as well. If your music is soft and sweet, then that would require a completely different theme. Sometimes the most important thing in a room is just the physical look and feel of it, so you want to spend some time not only planning it out but actually finishing it.

You may want to start with a simple paint job with one solid color. Too many different colors or too many patterns can be distracting and awkward looking so it may be a good idea to stick with one single color. Then after you, or your contractor, have finished painting, you may want to look at the actual room decor. You will want to first put your piano in the room and then work around filling the space with other furniture for your guests. You will want there to be at least two sitting spots but you do not want the room to be crowded because that can also be distracting and the room can get a bit claustrophobic.

When you are playing your music, you will most likely want to be in a temperature-controlled room, so you can make sure that your room is set without changing the entire air flow of your entire home, or wherever you happen to be playing your music. You can set up central air or heat in that room and create the perfect set just for you. Making sure that everything is set for a comfortable environment can be very helpful when you are creating the perfect room to play in.

When you are setting this room up, whether it is in your own home or if you are prepping it for a theater, you may even want to consider hiring a professional interior designer who can prepare your space for the best possible results when you start playing in it. They can guide you in the right direction to help you plan and pick all of the right colors, the right shapes, the right textures, and everything that you need to set your music room up to have the perfect mood with the right comfort level for you!

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